10 Creativity Warmups to Get in the Zone (and a free download!)

You know how fitness experts are always telling us to warm up our muscles before working out? It’s pretty old news that warming up your body before a workout can help prevent injuries, but it also gets your mind ready to go. With a few minutes of warmups, you find yourself ready to tackle your 5k or hour of weights in the gym. Warming up makes it that much easier for you to get in the zone during your workout.

We should be doing the same kind of thing with our creativity. So tell me gutsy creative: are you warming up before sitting down to create something? Whether you’re about to write a blog post, hand letter a quote, or design a logo, you need the creative part of your brain to be on the top of its game! If you spend 5 or 10 minutes doing a fun (and maybe even a little goofy) creative warmup, you’ll be on fire when you switch over to your main project for the day. 

Check out these 10 creativity warmups to get yourself in the creative zone. AND at the bottom of the post, there’s a free download waiting for you: a handy-dandy printable PDF version of all 10 of the warmups, plus 5 extra ones!

1) Colour a page
Adult colouring is exploding all over the place for a good reason my friends: it’s relaxing and it’s a super easy way to get creative. Search for a free colouring page you like, print it off, and grab your colouring tools of choice! 

2) Write in your journal
Writing a couple of pages in your journal helps you get rid of a lot of the noise and gunk kicking around your head, making your mind clear when you start creating. Don’t have a journal? Grab a notebook, piece of paper, or a blank document on your computer and write away.

3) Draw a treasure map
Imagine for a minute that you’re a pirate and you’ve just stashed all your treasure somewhere on a deserted island. Draw an elaborate map leading someone to the big pile of gold, and don’t forget, X marks the spot!

4) Fold a paper crane
Get your hands warmed up along with your brain by folding a paper crane. Follow along with an instructional video on YouTube, and if you’re up for the challenge, try a few other origami animals while you’re at it.

5) Write a letter to a friend
Choose a friend you haven’t talked to in a while and write them about some of the exciting things going on in your life lately. Bonus: if you actually mail the letter, they’ll be super excited to hear from you!

6) Make an acronym out of your name
Think of some random words to make an acronym of your name. Try a couple of rounds as fast as you can using the first words you come up with, then slow it down and try to think of some words that follow a theme or match your personality.

7) Fill a page with doodles
Get your favourite writing utensils and a piece of paper, then go to town covering the paper in doodles. Stars, words, funny little imaginary animals, Zentangles - whatever you choose, be sure to fill the page!

8) Draw a self-portrait with your opposite hand
Whether or not you’re an artist, give yourself just 5 minutes to draw a picture of yourself using your opposite hand. The results will be hilarious! If you happen to be ambidextrous, then try drawing with your eyes closed instead.

9) Brainstorm from one word
Get a piece of paper, pick a random word, and brainstorm as many other things that relate to the word as possible. If you want to get really visual with it, you can draw it out as a web or mind map.

10) Cut out a paper snowflake
Revisit your elementary school days by folding a piece of paper, grabbing a pair of scissors, and cutting out a random snowflake pattern. Want to get fancy? Use Google to find fun patterns like Star Wars or 3D snowflakes!

So before you tackle your next big project, use any one of these quick activities to get your creative side all warmed up first. A warmup will have your brain humming along, ready to create something amazing.

BONUS: Want a printable list of these creativity warmups? It’s got all 10 of these warmups, plus 5 more. Download it here for free, no email required.