The Importance of Celebrating Every Small Success

Fun little fact: I work as a coach for a children’s program called Sportball, where we teach kids the basics of different sports. In the middle of a class once, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment where I learned an important life and business lesson.

Most of the classes I taught were filled with really young kids, ranging from 16 months to 3 years old. The kids are so unbelievably cute, which is half the reason I enjoy working with Sportball so much. I love seeing them every week, teaching them new skills, giving them high-fives, and making them laugh.

We teach the kids basic skills like how to kick a soccer ball, dribble a basketball, stick handle with a hockey stick, or spike a volleyball. Now picture a teeny tiny 16 month old trying to spike a ball out of their parent’s hands. As you might guess, it doesn’t always happen. Instead, little 16 month old Timmy might give it a timid tap, or try to just throw the ball instead. Or little Timmy might ignore the ball altogether and start running randomly around the room.

Because of this, we always reminded the parents in the first couple weeks of class to celebrate every small success their child has. If Timmy didn’t spike the ball, but gave it a gentle push instead, celebrate his success! If Timmy gave the ball a big kick instead, give him a high-five for his big kick! If he ran around laughing and smiling, let him know what a fast runner he is!

When we’re around kids, we naturally want to celebrate every small success they have.

Which leads me to my ‘Aha!’ moment:

Why do we stop doing this once kids become grown ups?!? 

As we grow up, do we hit a certain age where we don’t need extra encouragement anymore? Of course not. Do we turn 18 or 21 or 25 and suddenly have 100% confidence in everything we do? I freaking wish. Are we supposed to wait until we fully achieve our biggest dreams to celebrate the progress we’ve made? Heck no!

So just like I tell the Sportball parents to celebrate their kids’ small successes, I am encouraging you to celebrate your own small successes.

Stayed within your budget today? Celebrate. Got a few new email subscribers? Celebrate. Exercised two days in a row? Celebrate. Scheduled your blog post a day in advance? Celebrate. Woke up without hitting the snooze button? Celebrate.

This week, I was excited to celebrate some small successes of my own. I finished the first draft of copy for a new service I’m launching soon (later this week, yay!), came up with a new marketing idea I’m super excited to try, and made it through another round of a hockey pool I’m in.

While you’re probably not going to go to extravagant lengths and pop a bottle of champagne every time you get a new subscriber or wake up on time, you still need to acknowledge and celebrate your small successes. Give yourself a mental high-five, throw yourself a dance party, or brag to your best friend.

However you choose to celebrate, make you sure take a moment to acknowledge your achievements. This leads to momentum, which leads to more small successes.

And several small successes add up to a BIG success.