Make the World a Better Place... From Your Couch!

Looking to do your part in making the world a better place? Want to add a little more good to the world around you? Feel like you just need to put some good karma out there?

To me, making the world a better place is the ultimate case of ‘all the little things add up’. I don’t have the solution for world peace worked out yet, so I like to focus on the small ways I can make a difference.

Here are a few simple things you can do to put more good in the world - without even getting up from your couch!

Make an online donation to your favourite charity
Have a few extra dollars kicking around or got a bonus you weren’t expecting? You can donate online to most charities nowadays, so skip the online shopping this time and point your browser towards your favourite cause instead. Not in a place where you can spare any money right now? Spread the word for free! Write a tweet or Facebook post about why you love the charity and ask your friends to check it out. My favourite charities are World Wildlife Fund, Kidsport, and Love of Reading.

Leave a review for a business you love
Maybe it’s that little restaurant that serves fresh, local organic food and changes their menu every month based on what’s in season. Perhaps it’s the trendy clothing shop with handmade goods that you fill your closet with. It could be the hipster coffee shop where you work or study for several hours every week. Head to Yelp, Zomato, or the company’s Facebook page and leave a 2-3 sentence review on why they’re so awesome. All businesses benefit from good reviews, but even more so if your favourite is smaller and locally run.

Leave reviews for the apps you use
Have you ever gone to download a new app on your phone, checked the reviews section to get feedback on what it was like first, and found… nothing? You can prevent this little frustration from happening to others! Next time you use an app and you see a pop up asking you to rate it or leave a review, take a couple of minutes to do so. List what you love about the app and what it’s like to use it on a daily basis. Are there things you don’t like about the app? Perfect - leave a note about those too! This helps people decide if they should download the app or not, and it lets the app developers know what’s working well and what needs improvement.

Sign a petition at is home to petitions of all kinds, so you’re sure to find a few ideas you care about and can get behind. Everything including causes like getting Keurig to make recyclable K-Cups, helping Jamie Oliver fight for food education, and working to end rape culture. Take a few minutes to read through the details of the petition, then with a simple electronic signature, let your voice be heard. Once you’ve signed, easily lets you share the petition with others so you can help the cause even more.

Donate to the developers behind your favourite ‘freeware’
I’m betting you’ve got at least a couple of amazing software programs on your computer that were able to download for free. It’s an amazing thing when software developers spend hours and hours creating a helpful program and then release it to the public with no cost. Usually on the software website though, they quietly have a Donate or Support button. If you’re getting use out of their generous hard work, buy them a coffee, a beer, or maybe even a fancy steak dinner. Again, not able to make a donation right now? Spread the word about their software on social media, or write them an email letting them know how much you love their program and give them a big “Thanks!”. Flux, Paparazzi, and Calibre are some of my favourite freeware.

These quick ways to make the world a bit of a better place are not just good for the world - they’re good for you too! You get that warm fuzzy feeling inside and some good karma points too. Go on now, spend a few minutes online and do some good!

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