Want More Subscribers? Change Just One Bit of Copy

Ready for a quick copy tip that will increase the number of people who sign up for your newsletter?

Here it is:

Don’t use the words ‘Sign Up’.

You’ve probably come up with a clever opt in blurb, and then put it at the top, bottom, or even right in the middle of your page. Following the blurb, you might have a button that says ‘Sign Up’. If you do, then this blog post is for you. Keep reading!

A call to action button with the words ’Sign Up’ doesn’t catch your readers’ attention. 'Sign Up' doesn’t jump out at them. Doesn’t get them excited. Doesn’t hint towards any benefits they get for signing up for your newsletter. Doesn’t feel personalized to them. All a generic ‘Sign Up’ says to them is “Uh sure, you could sign up and that would be okay I guess.”

Given all the hard work you’re putting into building your business, website, or blog, I’d hate to see that signing up for your newsletter comes across as meh. Here are a few alternatives you can use that are better bits of copy than ‘Sign Up’.

Yes please!
Let’s do it!
I’m in!
Here we go! 
I want it!
I’m ready! 
Get in my inbox!

These are just a few examples of newsletter subscribe button copy that will get your readers more excited than ‘Sign Up’ will. Grab any one of these alternatives, or use them as a springboard to come up with your own creative call to action. You can customize yours to match your brand and existing copy.

So if you’re craving more newsletter subscribers (I think we all are!), spend five minutes editing your call to action button. Change the standard ’Sign Up’ to something more exciting and you’ll end up with loads more subscribers.

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