My Life List


Life list, bucket list, goal list - whatever you want to call it, I think everyone should have one. I started writing down my life list back when I was in college. I change my life list whenever my goals change though, so it's a pretty fluid list. Keeping a list helps me stay motivated to experience new things and I try to cross a couple off my list every year. 

Want to create your own life list (or bucket list or goal list)? You can download a FREE life list worksheet to write down all of your own goals.

Ride in a hot air balloon
Watch Riverdance live

Watch Riverdance live in Ireland
Stand under a waterfall
Go whale watching and see a pod of orcas
Plant a tree
See the Northern Lights
Go snorkelling

Go ocean kayaking
Go dogsledding
Chase tornados
Be vegetarian for a month
Go stand up paddle boarding

Donate blood
Own a Husky or a Klee Klai
Build an igloo
Build an igloo out of books
Publish a book of poetry
Go to a hot air balloon festival
Spend a few years as a foster parent
Go long distance hiking (one week or more)
See an active volcano

Take photos in Hawaii
Travel to the UK
Drink tea in London
Visit European castles

Take a train across Canada
Visit every province in Canada
Go to Whitehorse
Road trip down the west coast (BC, Washington, Oregon, California)
Visit Australia
Visit New Zealand
Drive the Ring Road in Iceland
See the Northern Lights in Iceland
Trek to Everest Base Camp

Go skydiving
Go hang gliding
Go paragliding
Go parasailing
Go bungee jumping
Go white water rafting

Learn to French braid
Learn to speed read
Read 100 books in a year
Learn calligraphy

Take belly dancing lessons
Do the Grouse Grind
Learn to do the splits
Do a pull up
Run a timed 5k
Run a timed 10k
Run a half marathon


BONUS: Want to create your own life list? Make it easy with this free Life List worksheet! You can even customize the category titles and make it your own. Download it here for free, no email required.