Downloadable Resources


15 Creativity Warmups to Get You in the Zone

Before tackling your big projects, get yourself in the creative zone first. Use any of these 15 Creativity Warmups to get the creative part of your brain fired up. You'll find your groove faster and end up creating more on a regular basis. Plus, the warmups are fun! 

Life List Worksheet

Want to start your own life list? Grab this free worksheet and get started! It's a fillable PDF, so you can fill it out on your computer or print it out and work on it by hand. You can also edit each category title, so you can customize it and make it your own. Happy life-listing! 

Tiny Writing Sparks
30 Days of One-Word Writing Prompts - Volume 1

For all you creative writers out there, this download is for you! Use these one-word writing prompts however you like: once a day, two or three at a time, as a warm up, as your main writing for the day. The only rules you need to follow are the ones that help you write more and write often.