What I'm Working on Now:

1. Writing blog posts and website copy for my clients. Current clients include a marketing company, an online split testing website, and a children’s sports company.
2. Putting together my first collection of poetry, which means writing new poems, editing existing ones, and coming up with an overarching theme for the book.
3. Writing the first draft of a short ebook about common creative blocks and how to overcome them.


What I'm Totally Obsessed With:

1. Eating interesting chips in different countries, like barbecue flavoured cassava chips in Indonesia.
2. Finding more chill music to play while writing, like City of the Sun and Echos.
3. Trying to catch up on my Netflix shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Jane the Virgin.


Last updated on July 1, 2019 while in Bali; Now page inspired by Derek Sivers.