What I'm Working on Now:

1. Writing a 50,000 word novel as a part of National Novel Writing Month.
2. Working towards my first collection of poetry.
3. Writing social media content, blog posts, and email newsletter content for my clients.
4. Dreaming of what I want this website to be and what I can offer to my audience.


What I'm Totally Obsessed With:

1. Finding interesting channels to subscribe to on YouTube, like Nerdwriter and Sara Dietschy.
2. The idea of expressing my creativity through digital art. Anyone want to buy me an iPad Pro? 
3. Finding more lyric-less music to play while writing, like Dexter Britain and Lymbyc Systym
4. Looking for the perfect colour-by-numbers colouring book.


Last updated on November 11, 2016; Now page inspired by Derek Sivers.