What I'm Working on Now:

1. Writing social media content, blog posts, and website copy for my clients. Current clients include a retail clothing chain, an online writing portfolio site, and a kid's sports company. 
2. Updating my personal branding and website. 
3. Creating a new and separate freelance writing website.
4. Creating more digital art prints on my iPad and adding them to my new Etsy shop.


What I'm Totally Obsessed With:

1. Trying to read a total of 60 books in 2018. I’m at 55 so far, so it’s looking good!
2. Finding interesting channels to subscribe to on YouTube, like Pick Up Limes and This Incredible Life.
3. Finding more lyric-less music to play while writing, like City of the Sun and Lymbyc Systym
4. Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolates (made with almond milk) from Starbucks.


Last updated on November 23, 2018; Now page inspired by Derek Sivers.